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» Night Journeys: Overnight Adventures
Overnight programs for schools, scouts, and youth groups

Bring your family,students, scouts or youth group on a unique overnight adventure. You'll enjoy a night of special programming andexploration tailored to a theme of your choice. Designed expressly for groups of children ages 6-14, overnights at the EcoTarium are educational, interactive and FUN!

Night Journeys are designed for groups of 28 or more. If you have a smaller group, please consider a

Choose your programtheme:

Please refer to the Theme Selection Form for additional information about each theme, including activity descriptions and connections to merit badge requirements and school curriculum standards.

Planning Your Overnight

Night Journeys are offered from September throughJuneto groups of 28 or more on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.Cost is $50 per person, including children and their adult chaperones. At least one chaperone is required for every 5 children. Children must be age 6 or older to participate.

What to Expect:

A Night Journey is an exciting way to experience what the EcoTarium is all about; however, since much of our time together is spent engaging in special themed programming, there is always much more to explore. Therefore, every overnight guest will receive a free admission pass so that they may return another day and continue to enjoy our extensive exhibits, animals, and grounds at their leisure.

You are welcome to use your return admission passes for the following museum day, but please be aware that you must exit the museum grounds at the conclusion of your overnight programming and re-enter museum grounds upon the start of our standard visitor day.

How to Book Your Overnight Program

First estimateyour group size, consider some possible dates, and explore ourthemes.

Then, email us at [email protected] (link sends e-mail) or call 508.929.2703 to reserve your date at least one month in advance. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required at booking. All youth and adults must be included in the group reservation and paid for by one contact person.

Once you've booked, notify us of your chosen theme no later than one month prior to your overnight and share the overnight information sheet with everyone.

Changes to the group number provided at booking must be made by the Friday three weeks prior to your visit; however, we may not be able to accommodate your change if maximum capacity has been reached.

If your group has members with distinct learning styles or severe allergies, please let us know by contacting our overnight program coordinator at least two weeks in advance of your overnight.


Girls' and Boys' Night Out Events

Individual scouts with a chaperone and smaller scout groups, ages 6 and up, are welcome to attend either a Girls' or Boys' Night Out. Night Out events provide an opportunity to experience a Night Journey for scouts who are unable to meet the 28-person minimum booking for a private event.

Be a Scientist

A new wave of fashion and lifestyle creators are reinterpreting Australian iconography like koalas, Vegemite and Iced VoVos

by Alana Schetzer

A new wave of fashion and lifestyle creators are reinterpreting Australian iconography like koalas, Vegemite and Iced VoVos

by Alana Schetzer



In the 1980s, Australia was awash in a tide of bright and colourful Ken Done tea towels and rocking a Coogi knit was considered the height of sophistication. In the midst of Expo ’88 mania, everyone sported clothing emblazoned with splashy images of Sydney Harbour Bridge, koalas and Australiana chic. It was bold, brash and people couldn’t get enough of it.

By the mid 1990s however, this wave of colour and cultural celebration had faded into a puddle of cultural cringe, in which anything remotely Australian was met with disdain and embarrassment.

Yet fashion is a cyclical industry and what falls from grace will inevitably come back into vogue.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of independent labels have taken ownership of these symbols that were once the subject of mockery and made them, well, cool.

Australiana 2.0 has arrived.

Read more

In markets and boutique shops across Australia, you can find Iced VoVo earrings, tea towels featuring hipster koalas and Vegemite and Golden Gaytime ice-cream enamel pins.

Pete Cromer, whose label of the same name creates prints and key rings of colourful stylised budgies, koalas and kangaroos, likens the irreverent nature of his designs with a “rebirth” of appreciation of all that is Australian.

“It’s part of a resurgence, like Kath and Kim – things that are daggy are now also kind of cool. People of a certain generation are more familiar with it and we’re seeing it in a new light.”

Cynthia Sear, an anthropologist who researches consumerism and capitalism at the University of Melbourne, says many people enjoy the novelty factor, especially those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s.

“These items are quite innocent but they’re also quite authentic and genuine, and there’s a bit of irony in them, too.”

And unlike other national emblems, such as the Australian flag that has long been the centre of political debate, there’s not a lot that’s political about a pair of banana-shaped earrings.

“These things don’t polarise and they don’t involve issues of race or Indigenous politics. It’s a happy way to celebrate being Australian.”

“There’s quite a bit of anthropological theory right now about how we identify ourselves; we’re a more global world now and it lends itself to us thinking about who we are. With the resurgence of these innocent symbols, it’s a way to embrace Australiana that isn’t complicated.”

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Guide to Burgenland State ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.


[ Spring Step Estella Womens Wedge Sandals 1oxfI0RtSR

The majority of the population was Germanic, except for the Hungarian border-guards of the frontier March. Germanic immigration from neighbouring Austria was also continuous in the Middle Ages. In 1440 the territory of present-day Burgenland was controlled by the Habsburgs of Austria, but during the next 200 years different kings retook the area. In the 16th century, medieval Kingdom of Hungary lost its independence and its north-western part that was not conquered by the Ottoman Empire was included in the Habsburg Empire. In the 16-17th centuries German Protestant refugees arrived in Western Royal Hungary to shelter from the religious wars of the Holy Roman Empire, particularly from the repression of the Reformation in Austrian territories, then ruled by the staunchly Roman Catholic Habsburgs. After the Habsburg military victory against the Ottomans at the end of the 17th century, the Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary was enlarged to include much of the territory of the former medieval Kingdom of Hungary. In the 17th and 18th centuries the region of Western Hungary was dominated by the wealthy Catholic landowning families. In 1867, the Habsburg Empire was transformed into the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary.

On 18 July 1922, the first elections for the parliament of Burgenland took place. Various interim arrangements were required due to the changeover from Hungarian to Austrian jurisdiction. The parliament decided in 1925 on Eisenstadt as the capital of Burgenland, and moved from the various provisional estates throughout the country to the newly built Landhaus in 1929. In 1923, emigration to the United States of America, which started in the late 19th century, reached its climax; in some places up to a quarter of the population went overseas. After the Nazi German Anschluss of Austria, the administrative unit of Burgenland was dissolved. Northern and central Burgenland joined the district of Niederdonau while southern Burgenland joined Steiermark. The policy of Germanization also affected other minorities, especially Burgenland Croats and Hungarians. Minority schools were closed and the use of their native language discouraged. As of 1 October 1945 Burgenland was reestablished with Soviet support and given to the Soviet forces in exchange for Steiermark, which was in turn occupied by the United Kingdom. Under Soviet occupation, people in Burgenland had to endure a period of serious mistreatment and an extremely slow economic progression, the latter induced by the investor-discouraging presence of the Soviet troops. The Soviet occupation ended with the signing of the Austrian Independence Treaty of Vienna in 1955 by the Occupying Forces. The brutally crushed Hungarian Revolution on 23 October 1956 resulted in a shockwave of Hungarian refugees at the Hungarian-Austrian border, especially at the Bridge of Andau, who were received by the inhabitants of Burgenland with an overwhelming amount of hospitality. In 1957, the construction of the "anti-Fascist Protective Barrier" resulted in a complete bulkheading of the area under Soviet influence from the rest of the world, rendering the Hungarian-Austrian border next to Burgenland a deadly zone of minefields on the Hungarian border and barbed wire, referred to as the Iron Curtain.


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